Seeking A Native American Psychotherapist In San Diego

Leslie-Campbell-Native-American-PsychotherapistIf you are a Native American or have a friend or relative within the community who has a problem and you think that psychotherapy might be needed, then you should consider finding a specialist who is familiar in providing counseling which is appropriate for the specific culture and habits. It is important to turn to a Native American psychotherapist for help in order to improve the chances of successful communication between the client and the specialist which would lead to recovery.

Native American traditional healing and where they are today

The problem with conventional therapy is that it might fail to address the culturally specific problems of Native Americans. Since ancient times, Native Americans have sought traditional healing provided by shamans or local healers. These made use not only of medicinal herbs which are now the base for pharmaceuticals, but also rituals and methods meant to heal illness or distress. Shamans managed to provide people with ways to cope with the distress or help them get an objective sense of their illness or even change their beliefs. Nowadays, many therapists try to use Euro-American psychotherapy to treat n Native Americans while failing to recognize the some problems are culturally or even tribe-bound and thus need a special approach.

Why are Native Americans seeking help?

Mental illnesses, family issues, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse are problems which affect Native Americans just like anyone else. However, this cultural group experiences a much lower rate of seeking professional counsel, mainly due to cultural differences and the perceived arrogance or over-professionalism exhibited by many specialists. This is why only a Native American psychotherapist can establish an effective means of communication and help the client recover.

The problems with conventional psychotherapy for Native Americans
While many Native Americans still live on traditional homelands, many of them are living in the urban environment so they have gotten accustomed to the American way of life. While the former group would rather seek counsel from a local shaman than a professional, the latter may be willing to give psychotherapist a chance. However, the conventional ways of dealing with a patient, such as establishing direct eye contact, making the patient talk about themselves or their problems, etc. may prove inefficient. Many Native Americans may be reluctant to talk about themselves, and many will have beliefs and perceptions which are still bound to their tribal traditions rather than modern society. A good psychotherapist will first try to gain the trust of the client and then perhaps speak about himself before reaching out and finding about the real problems affecting him.

The importance of providing culturally appropriate counseling
It is very important to find a specialist who is capable of providing counseling and therapy which not only takes into account the differences between Native Americans and mainstream society, but that also finds ways to ensure that the counseling is also appropriate culturally. So if your dear friend, relative or even yourself are affected by depression, anxiety, substance abuse or family problems, the best bet would be to turn to a reliable Native American psychotherapist who can provide you with the proper counseling.

The Best Manufacturers of San Diego Rustic Furniture

Rustic FurnitureA lot of people want to redecorate their homes and gardens with San Diego rustic furniture and want to be sure that they are getting genuine handmade furniture. However, it is not easy to distinguish original rustic furniture from imitations, which are, usually, produced in mass and from synthetic materials made to look like real wood or wicker.

In order to make sure that you invest in rustic furniture, meaning furniture made of genuine recycled wood and by professionals, not amateurs, there are a few aspects you can and should pay attention to, the most important of them being discussed below.

  1. Does the Furniture Look Too Polished and Even Colored?

Professional San Diego rustic furniture manufacturers, such as Hungarian Shop, sand the wood planks only to the point where it is clean and the aged wood grain stands out. Natural wood is never completely smooth and shiny in surface. It also has small imperfections, such as knots.

If you see a perfectly finished deck chair or a coffee table advertised as rustic furniture, you are not getting the real thing, but a factory made item of furniture with wooden elements, not of solid wood. Also, genuine aged wood does not have an overall uniform color or a specific pattern.

  1. Unique or Identical San Diego Rustic Furniture Pieces

When you buy a set of garden chairs from a reputable rustic furniture manufacturer, you will notice minor differences from item to item. There are no two perfectly identical chairs, because wood planks are different, and the craftsmen are not machines reproducing the exact same manufacturing process.

Handmade furniture has the personal touch of its manufacturer, visible in small imperfections here and there. Factory made imitations always look the same and they do not have the feel of handmade furniture items. Those small color differences and finishing faults make rustic furniture genuine and give its special charm.

  1. The Story Behind Each Piece of Furniture

Genuine San Diego rustic furniture manufacturers have an interesting story to tell about where and how they learned their craft and how they came up with the idea of making a certain type of furniture. That story feels real, not corporate copywriting. Always look at the About Us section of their website and read it carefully. Many customers select handmade furniture because they are impressed with the story behind it and with the manufacturer’s passion for their work.

It is all about the human touch – if you cannot feel it, you can be sure that you will not get the real thing from that source.

  1. The Price

Let us face it – mass made items of all kind are less expensive than handmade ones. If you find really cheap rustic furniture, you should wonder how come it is so cheap, why the manufacturer values their work so little.

There are few San Diego rustic furniture shops where you can find genuine, handmade furniture and the Hungarian Shop is one of the best, the place where every piece of furniture has a story to tell through its careful carving and smooth finish, and is available at a fair price.

Horse Riding Lessons At San Diego’s Salisbury Farms

horse riding lessonIf you live in California and wish to take up horse riding lessons, San Diego will surely get to your heart with its scenic trails and the large variety of horse farms and training courses available. Horse riding is a great outdoor activity both for children and adults – a healthy way for families to spend quality time together.

No matter if you have never been in the close proximity of a horse or you have already taken some horse riding lessons, San Diego trainers will help you relax and learn to dominate your horse and its movements. You need to be truly fond of these animals and confident in your own strengths if you want to learn to control them. These prerequisites being met, you can safely start looking for your farm and trainer of choice.

Salisbury Farms – The Most Efficient Horse Riding Lessons in San Diego Area

At Salisbury Farms, you can enjoy the simple outdoors fun of riding a horse, or you can master the complex art of equitation. The horses here are well trained and friendly, and the staff is qualified for much more than just basic horse riding lessons.

The driving force behind Salisbury Farms is Dr. Amy Jane Oleson, a licensed psychologist who believes that the strong emotional bond between horses and humans can help teach empathy, overcome trauma and improve social skills in at-risk groups, such as troubled teenagers and adults.

Winning the trust of a horse to the point when you can sit astride it and ride it is an emotionally rewarding experience. Once you have succeeded to get in the saddle and remain there, the joy of exploring the countryside is one of the best ways to spend weekends and take advantage of every fair weather day.

Horse Riding as Therapy and Physical Exercise

Maggie, Dan, and Cotton are the three horses you can choose from at Salisbury Farms. They are handsome and mild tempered horses who cooperate very well in full gallop and at slow pace. The trainers will teach you the right posture astride a horse and the right way to signal your commands, so as to allow the horse to understand what you want.

For children, it is a wonderful way to grow up physically and emotionally, to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to prefer outdoor activities to computer games and other less healthy ways of spending time. Horses are also a great aid in the long-term therapy of various autism spectrum disorders, parent/child relationship issues, anxiety, depression and bullying.

Enjoy the Best Scenery of San Diego and Its Outskirts in the Most Pleasant Way

If you believe that you spend too much time in the crowded city and need a good reason to escape to the great outdoors, San Diego horse riding lessons from Salisbury Farms is the perfect choice. You can breathe the fresh air, enjoy one of the most respectable and ancient sports and discover the beautiful landscapes.

Break the weekend routine and try something new – good for your body, soul and mind. Now is the right moment for this change – horse riding lessons San Diego farms are always ready to teach you all the secrets of equitation.

How To Choose A San Diego Financial Advisor

San Diego Financial Advisor HandshakeOne of the best recommendations for people who want to manage their personal financial assets smartly and carefully is to hire a San Diego financial advisor. This is a more affordable option to applying for private banking services (also, private banking is only available for very large deposits and investments). However, the question remains: how do you select the right financial advisor?

It Is a Question of Experience

You should understand that you cannot expect a financial advisor to disclose details about their past or existing clients. All the aspects of an advisor’s dealings with clients are protected by confidentiality. However, you can understand the range of a San Diego financial advisor’s abilities by the types of services offered.

A professional and experienced advisor will take into account all the important macro economic and short term trends and present a comprehensive plan for the management of your financial assets and investments. This typically includes tax planning, real estate equity management, college tuition planning and even estate and wills planning. This way, you have your present and future finances competently managed and you are protected from short-term market fluctuations and from the temptations of attractive but very risky investments.

Building Trust in Your San Diego Financial Advisor

Once you have determined the advisor’s level of competence and experience, there is still the matter of trust to be determined. You do not know anything about the person you plan to entrust with your assets. Recent events have proven that even high-level wealth managers beyond suspicion can and will betray clients’ confidence when temptation is too strong.

However, you can build trust with your advisor one day at a time. You can start with the basic level of services and observe the advisor’s prudence and transparency in dealing with your money and communicating with you. For example, you can agree on monthly meetings or receiving detailed reports by email, so that you can monitor the way your advisor is following through with the approved plan.

Do Not Work Against Your Own Best Interests

If you are not fully confident that your San Diego financial advisor is making the best choices in managing your real estate and capital equity, the first thing you should do is express your concerns and have an open discussion. You cannot understand the complex workings of the financial, capital and real estate markets, so an investment decision that seems to work against your best interests could, in fact, be meant to protect your assets for the long term. A discussion could help you clarify that.

Honest and direct communication is the only means for building a successful long term relationship with your advisor, and being fully informed regarding your financial situation. Just like when hiring a lawyer or going to the doctor, you need to trust the advisor’s professional judgment and accept that you may not fully understand all the concepts and algorithms used in planning your investments.

Your future and that of your family depend on the choices you make today. Keep your wealth protected and well invested – hire a trustworthy experienced San Diego financial advisor to safeguard your future and look after your interests.

The Truth About San Diego Puppy Training

Cute PuppyAre you looking for the best services for San Diego puppy training? There’s never anything better for a pet lover than to know that they can provide their fur babies with the best available training resources, and with the expertise offered by Who’s Walking Who, that’s exactly what you have to look forward to.


Not all training programs are perfect for your pooch, however, and it can take a little while to determine which of them to go with. Fortunately, at Who’s Walking Who, the best training company in the San Diego area, you have plenty of exceptional programs to choose from.


Evaluating the Program Your Puppy Needs


Before even starting to look for the best San Diego puppy training facilities, you need to make sure that you know exactly what your canine friend might need. For this purpose, all you have to do is make a list with the training benefits you’re looking for, such as professional assistance with obedience training or special training for getting your puppy to stop barking so loud or to stay off the furniture.


At Who’s Walking Who, all these training resources are available, along with many more:


  • Here, your puppy will learn to stop biting, chewing and digging too much.
  • There are special training methods that can help you bond with your puppy more and have him respect your commands.
  • Aggression and off-leash control, as well as help with putting the leash on is also provided as part of the best San Diego puppy training services offered by Who’s Walking Who.


All these puppy training benefits are provided as part of separate programs that you can talk to Who’s Walking Who experts about to determine which of them might be your best choice for your canine companion.


Depending on the type of training program your puppy will enroll in, the training process itself might be quite thorough and intensive, but with the help of experienced puppy training specialists from Who’s Walking Who, your puppy will have a lot of fun learning about all the activities, commands and habits that he will need to understand.


Talk to the Who’s Walking Who Specialists


If you want your puppy to learn with the best San Diego puppy training specialists, Who’s Walking Who is the place to go. Here highly trained and experienced puppy trainers are available who truly love puppys, and often go above and beyond their normal assignments to make your pets feel comfortable and happy enough to embark on the exciting adventure of learning about all their responsibilities and new habits.


The Who’s Walking Who experts will provide you with tailored training services that will fit your puppy’s personality and needs, while also coming up with creative ideas to make sure the training process will go smoothly. You will definitely end up being surprised by the end result.


Who’s Walking Who is seen as one of the best San Diego puppy training companies available in the area, and any pet owner who considers him/herself a true puppy lover should definitely check out their high quality training program

San Diego – Heal Yourself with Hypnotherapy

Karen Kerschmann San Diego hypnotherapyAlthough a few years back, there were not too many people who would turn hypnotherapy, San Diego experts believe the practice has become increasingly more popular – and for good reason.


Unlike many western practices, hypnotherapy can offer many surprising advantages, such as the ability to eliminate addictions, anxiety, depression and a host of other psychological issues with no side effects whatsoever.


With the help of a highly experienced and well-trained therapist such as Karen Kerschmann, adults, families and adolescents can benefit from unique, personalized plans in which hypnotherapy plays a major role, and the client him/herself is in charge as to determining how fast the process will continue, or how intense it will turn out to be.


You Are in Control


If you’re looking for an expert in hypnotherapy, San Diego is one of the best places for finding one. What’s even better, however, is that hypnotherapy is very different from regular western medicine which can feel a little disempowering, especially when your therapist basically looks at your problem as if it could be likened to a faulty gear or broken lever in a machine.


Just a few minutes of talking to Karen Kerschmann will convince you that hypnotherapy is the complete opposite of that. In fact, hypnosis has the potential of helping you improve your life, handle any problem that comes along more easily, get rid of addiction, leave depression behind, and  even eliminate physical symptoms that may have their root cause in psychological disorders, such as fatigue and obesity.


Through hypnotherapy, San Diego therapist Karen Kerschmann will be able to help you or your family members overcome trauma and create a happy and balanced life through self-empowerment, using both hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis sessions to achieve the desired effect. After only a few sessions, you will find yourself feeling much better as a result of your own efforts, and you’ll find that the positive effects are there to stay.


Tackling the Problem at Its Root


Another great advantage of hypnotherapy, San Diego experts affirm, is that you can improve your life by handling problems at their roots, instead of just taking medication to treat the symptoms.


Although journeying into your subconscious might be a bumpy ride at times, in the end you will be happy that you’ve managed to conquer your demons and finally achieve the state of peace, balance and happiness that you’ve long been searching for.


Hiring an Expert Therapist


Karen Kerschmann has been a dedicated San Diego therapist for more than 10 years, gathering knowledge and refining her skill at her clinical practice, working with adults, families and teenagers.


Unlike most therapists, she is able to combine some of the most powerful types of cognitive behavior therapy with hypnotherapy and adolescent psychotherapy, managing to achieve fast positive results in every case she handles.


The advantages of working with such a skilled therapist are manifold, and they ensure that you are able to obtain the results you need much faster than with anyone else. Through advanced hypnotherapy, San Diego patients can reach new levels of awareness regarding their deeply rooted psychological problems and achieve relief in no time at all.

Find The Best San Diego Mortgage Lender

san diego homeAre you interested in finding the best San Diego mortgage lender? In California, although there has been a surge in activity on the mortgage market in the past few months, many home buyers still find it difficult to locate good enough rates and a mortgage lender that can inspire them with enough confidence to agree to closing the deal.


Maureen Martin is one proficient, reliable mortgage lender who doesn’t back down. Aside from her skill in handling all types of finances associated with the real estate market and more than 10 years of experience catering to home buyers in the South California area alone, she is well-known as an expert in FHA and VA loans, as well as a person who always puts the needs of her clients first.


The Best Offers for Your Mortgage


When contacting a San Diego mortgage lender, you want to know that your interests are well taken care of. Also, it’s important to have the assurance that the lender will provide you with a fair deal, even if they may be able to suggest fair alternatives that would actually play more to their advantage, rather than yours.


With the help of Maureen Martin, you have nothing to worry about. You will be provided with the best mortgage deals in California, including some excellent offers that you won’t get from any other mortgage lender in the region:


  • You can gain access to affordable home ownership with Maureen Martin’s exceptional FHA loan offers. These flexible deals facilitated and insured by the Federal Housing Administration will offer exactly the kinds of benefits that will quickly help you finance the house of your dreams.
  • No self-respecting San Diego mortgage lender can deny the advantages of a good VA loan. At Maureen Martin, veterans can benefit from the most outstanding mortgage deals, with no minimum down payments, no prepayment penalties, the option to apply for a loan much sooner after bankruptcy than in the case of a traditional loan, and the best competitive interest rates.
  • Finally, as a prospective new San Diego homeowner, you can benefit from Maureen Martin’s outstanding offer for Homepath Financing. This option will allow for up to 10% in down payment for investors and only 3% for owner occupied buyers.


Unlike most mortgage providers, Maureen Martin also offers mortgage pre-qualification completely free of charge. This will help you determine exactly which type of mortgage you will need in order to buy your new home and how much you should be looking to spend on your next home purchase.


Reliable Support on a Fierce Market


In a market where you can hardly expect to find a reliable San Diego mortgage lender who won’t try to get as much out of you as possible, Maureen Martin has proven that there are still some out there who have both the expertise and the integrity that clients require.


Whether you’re looking to buy an inexpensive home, trying to find the best rates, or interested in the most affordable VA mortgages, Maureen Martin is the best San Diego mortgage lender you can go to for support, no matter what your ultimate home purchasing goals might be.

San Diego Property Management Solutions

Make Your Real Estate Investments Profitable


san-diego-property-managersWhile experts often refer to San Diego property management solutions as being profitable investments themselves, your actual investment in real estate such as condos, houses or commercial properties are the real reason why property management services are so often sought out.


Whether you only want help with cleaning or some light landscaping work or you are interested in the full renovation of a distressed property you’ve just bought, companies such as Leasing San Diego Property Management are the best firms to hire for making your job easier and increasing your profits.


The Goal of Property Management


Property management is mainly important because the quality and condition of a property you’ve just bought will determine its reselling value. Even the most inexperienced investors know how important it is to make their properties look and feel great, so that tenants and prospective buyers may end up making a better offer when it comes time to rent or sell.


As such, property management services are more and more popular today, as the real estate market is making a comeback, and there are lots of investors lining up to purchase new residential and commercial properties.


Taking care of landscaping, roofing, interior cleaning and decoration, upgrades and repairs for household appliances, paint jobs and everything else your new home or commercial property might need are among the most essential tasks that professional property management services provide assistance with.


Many property management companies also mediate between landlords and tenants, managing to come up with creative solutions to make sure everyone involved in the deal is completely satisfied. And if you want to sell your home, or put all your properties on the market to sell fast and make some real profit, they will be able to provide you with fast, highly efficient services to meet and even exceed your expectations.


Also, in many cases, you might require custom work to maximize the return on your investments. In such cases, the most experienced and reliable property management services, such as Leasing San Diego, are the best people to call.


Hiring the Best San Diego Property Management Service


Leasing San Diego is among the most proficient property management companies you will find in the San Diego area. Their main services include full service property management that doesn’t stop at the technical part of the task at hand. Aside from landscaping, maintenance, repair, renovation and all the other important property management activities that most services offer, they also provide assistance with lease and internet marketing, application approvals, personal showings, interior property inspections and much more.


At San Diego Property Management, you will never feel like your needs are not met. Their experienced teams of professionals are able to take care of any problem, even when it comes to disputes and misunderstanding between tenants and property owners. They will even help you with the legal aspects of putting together a contract, in order to help protect your interests, as well as your property.


There are no better people whom you can entrust your property management goals to than San Diego Property Management – the most trusted, professional and highly efficient property management company in San Diego!

Top Five Tours to Take In San Diego

San Diego TourHere are our top five San Diego tour recommendations.

1. San Diego Fly Rides

2. Sail Stars & Stripes USA-11

3. Another Side of San Diego Tours

4. Segway of Pacific Beach

5. La Jolla Sightseeing Tours with TourGuideTim
#1 – San Diego Fly Rides (see on map)

(777 6th Avenue #127, San Diego, CA 92101)

So you want some fresh air, but you don’t want to kill yourself? San Diego Fly Rides have a deal for you! Check out their electric bikes. You can, of course, rent and self-guide, or you can book on one of their tours which depart daily and head out with an adventurous and knowledgeable guide to see the sights and learn a bit about San Diego and the district as you go.

With a range of 20 miles plus, these electric bikes have the capacity to fly along at up to 20 mph, though you won’t be doing that as you pass through the streets and sidewalks of downtown San Diego.

Take a light jacket and sweater and wear solid footwear if you are embarking on any of these tours – and there are some great ones to choose from.

Lomaland – this three hour tour will take you through Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, through to the Cabrillo National Monument at Port Loma. There are a few hills, of course, but with that fancy electric bike that won’t be a problem. And remember, what goes up comes down, so you can look forward to rolling on the downward slopes!

The Waterfront tour takes two hours and is 90% on bike paths, making for a relaxing tour where you can really enjoy the view without worrying too much about other road users! This tour starts in the historic Gaslamp Quarter and goes through to the Embarcadero and Harbor Island.

If time is short, try the Quickie – a one hour jaunt through the Gaslamp Quarter and Embarcadero.

Check out San Diego Fly Rides website for a full range of tours and departure times. Happy pedaling!
#2 – Sail Stars and Stripes USA-11 (see on map)

(1561 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106)

This has to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity … imagine standing in the same place as Dennis Connor as he skippered this very boat in the Challenger Cup in 1992. With the wind blowing through your hair and the rustle of the canvas above, you won’t need to stretch your imagination too far once you are standing on the decks of the Stars and Stripes USA-11.

Sail Stars and Stripes USA-11 offers three hour sailing charters on board this authentic America’s Cup racing yacht, Stars and Stripes USA-11.

Get as involved with this experience as you choose – either lean back and enjoy or grind winches or take the helm – but prepare for a cruise with a difference. Remember, this is a high speed racing sailboat after all and you will get a sense of its power and strength as you almost fly past other vessels on the San Diego Harbor.

You will need a few things to make this a memorable tour – take a jacket, sunscreen and a keen sense of adventure. The crew, the vessel and the Bay around you will provide the rest to make this an experience you will certainly not forget in a hurry – or want to! And don’t worry if you forget your camera. One of the on-board crew will take photos which you can select from back on dry land, while you enjoy a complimentary beer and wine and a pat on the back for being such a great crew member! Job well done.
#3 – Another Side of San Diego Tours (see on map)

(308 G Street – between Union and State Streets, San Diego, CA 92101)

If you are looking for a tour and are not sure where to start, check out the offerings of Another Side of San Diego Tours.

These guys have it covered. You can tour by helicopter, take a horseback ride, get a bird’s eye view from a hot air balloon, or get on to the water in a kayak. Or, try one of the very popular Segway tours.

Open from 8 am to 6 pm, the range of tours available is matched by the same great selection of departure times so you can fit in with your own schedule. If it is an hour you have spare, try the San Diego Highlights Tour. If you have two hours, the Balboa Park Segway Tour will combine the magnificent Balboa Park with the adventure of touring on board a Segway. Don’t worry if it’s your first time, by the time you depart you will be all trained up and safe to go!

For the more adventurous with time on their hands, Another Side of San Diego Tours offers a three hour Coronado Segway tour. And if you really would prefer to have your feet on the ground, check out the two hour Gaslamp Flavor and History Walking Tour.

Whatever you choose, you will be in the capable hands of knowledgeable guides and guaranteed an enjoyable time!
#4 – Segway of Pacific Beach (see on map)

(4150 Mission Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92109)

Segway of Pacific Beach offers a range of options with rental of their Segways for those who want to freelance their way around the city and its environs, or guided tours with small groups guaranteed to make you feel comfortable, and you’ll have ample opportunities to get all those questions you have about the district answered.

All Segway of Pacific Beach tours begin with a training session so you will feel confident with your Segway before you depart. Among the options are the Mission Bay Segway Tour which will see you gliding along Bayside Walk which runs along San Diego’s Mission Bay, with a little off-roading on the grass at Mission Bay Park. This is a 2.5 hour tour.

The Gaslamp Segway Tour is about the same length of time and takes in Balboa Park, Petco Park, the Unconditional Surrender Statue, the USS Midway and the Star of India.

The route along the Pacific Ocean boardwalk is the start of the Mt Soledad Segway Tour which takes you through to Kate Sessions Park and up 830 feet to the War Memorial on Mt Soledad. There you can enjoy the incredible views across the coast of La Jolla, over downtown San Diego and Mission Bay. Without even losing your breath!

A great way to be out in the fresh air without doing any of the hard work – and a great place to try a Segway if you haven’t already!
#5 – La Jolla Sightseeing Tour with TourGuideTim (see on map)

(1050 Kettner Boulevard – between Broadway and C Street, San Diego, CA 92101)

TourGuide Tim has a passion to bring you to one of his favorite places, La Jolla.

At midday, every day, TourGuide Tim takes you on a high spec charter bus to La Jolla Bay where you will be taken to the tallest coastal viewpoint in Southern California and soak in the views of the beautiful coastline with its bluffs, caves and marine life. You will also see the Torrey Pines Golf Course, home to the 2008 US Open, and the Torrey pines Gliderport. You may even see people throwing themselves off the cliffs – with the glider, of course!

Tim loves detail and it is that detail he will happily share with you – this is the kind of tour where you feel like you are being shown around by a friend. With fascinating trivia and amazing views there is plenty of free time to explore on your own, or take a walk and talk with Tim and fire away those questions. TourGuideTim has filled a previously unfilled void in tours to this spectacular area of La Jolla and once you’ve taken one you will see why this business has grown so significantly since he started offering his unique and personalized tours in 2010.


Top Ten Places to Eat in San Diego Part 2

Oceanaire Seafood RoomWe continue with San Diego’s most epic eateries. Check out part 1 here.

#6 – The Oceanaire Seafood Room

(400J Street – between 4th and 5th Avenues, San Diego, CA 92101)

Nestled in the historic Gaslamp Area is The Oceanaire Seafood Room – the place to come for a special night out.

With its excellent service and extensive menu, you will be assured of a very fine dining experience. Classy and upscale, this restaurant is open for evening dining only and you will need to make a reservation.

Once you are there, the world is literally your oyster! But for a recommendation, try the Chesapeake Bay Style Crab Cakes. Bring your credit cards, though, as this will not be a cheap dining experience … unless you sit yourself up on a Sunday at the Oyster Bar and enjoyed freshly shucked oysters at $1 a piece!

The Oceanaire Seafood Room is a seafood restaurant with a superior menu matched by its ambience and service. Treat yourself!
#7 – George’s at the Cove

(1250 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037)

There are people who would probably pay just to drink in the view from George’s at the Cove, so if you choose to dine there as well, you will be delighted with the bonus viewings across La Jolla Bay. This is truly a spectacular corner of the US … and what better thing to do than sit and enjoy the view than to do it with fine food and a cocktail at hand!

George’s at the Cove is a multi-level dining complex, and each level has the same great views. On the lower level is California Modern. This restaurant has a communal setting with large and small dining tables to choose from and no reservations required. The seasonally inspired menu – George’s believe that even though most produce is available all year round, it is at its best ‘in season’ – is full of flavor and heavily laden with locally produced ingredients. Even the cocktail menu aims to take the best of the region – try a ‘Bee Sting’, kumquats, honey, ginger and lemongrass. Ask the bar staff to add alcohol if you dare!

On the middle level is George’s Bar with balcony and indoor seating (similar to upstairs on the Ocean Terrace). George’s Bar has ten draft beers on tap and TV screens if you can’t bear to miss out on the latest sport offering. So sit back and enjoy the game with one eye on the glorious view and a glass in your hand! And if beer isn’t your thing, check out the range of house-infused vodka – think strawberry, vanilla bean or ruby red grapefruit.

At the top is the Ocean Terrace with its casual bistro menu for lunch and dinner and tables outside overlooking the Pacific. This is outdoor dining at its best. Or grab one of the premium seats at the bar – but be quick, there are only 14 of those.

Service and excellence of produce combine to make any of these levels great choices for dining. No reservations needed … head on over to La Jolla!
#8 – Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop

(640 Tenth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101)

A warm welcome awaits at the Cowboy Star Restaurant with its exposed beam ceilings, huge fireplace, comfortable padded leather booths and cowboy accents! What better surroundings could you wish for as you sit down to enjoy contemporary American cuisine with the finest ingredients in the land?

Free range poultry and game and 100% grass and corn fed USDA Prime 35 day dry-aged beef … all cooked to perfection. But, as the name suggests, if you want to buy the produce and take it home and cook it yourself, you can do that too … just walk on through to the retail outlet next door which stocks the same high quality product used in the Cowboy Star Restaurant’s own kitchen.

Farm fresh vegetables come with all your mains, and you choose the size of your steak. The menu pricings reflect the excellent quality and service you will be sure of at Cowboy Star Restaurant and are, I think you will agree, very reasonable. The 40oz Porterhouse for Two will set you back $80, while the 20oz Cattleman’s Cut Rib Chop comes in at $42. Add on a seared scallop for $7, or roasted bone marrow for $9.

For great fare in creative yet unique surroundings, check out the Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop where you can eat your fill of fine food and soak in the atmosphere all at the same time.
#9 – Beach Break Café

(1802 S Coast Highway – between Cassidy and Kelly Streets, Oceanside, CA 92054)

If you are a surfer, an ex surfer or a wannabe surfer, Oceanside’s Beach Break Café is the place for you. With its trendy surfer/tiki décor and its reasonable prices, this is the place to set your day’s activities up from.

Don’t be surprised if you find big lines no matter what time you turn up. This is casual dining at its most casual. Originally family owned and operated, the reputation for great food and excellent service has meant that extension has been required, but don’t worry because none of the attributes that caused Beach Break Café to grow have been lost in the process. This place just keeps on being one of the best.

The décor is light and bright and the prices are also on the light side … $7.95 for a banana crunch French toast beyond compare! The specialty of the house is the home baked coffee cake … trust me, you seriously need to try this!

Start your day on the right foot … even if you have to wait in line for it! No regrets, once you’ve filled up on food and soaked in the buzz at the Beach Break Café, the rest of the day will just roll.
#10 – Indigo Grill

(1536 India Street – between Cedar and Beach Streets, San Diego, CA 92101

You may have heard of Chef Deborah Scott’s showcase Sunday Brunches with delights such as chocolate bacon pancakes and pineapple upside down French toast, but this great little restaurant tucked away in Little Italy, has a much wider repertoire of fine American cuisine than just Saturday and Sunday brunch!

Dinner is served nightly from 5 pm and the huge portions may surprise you when they arrive, but the bigger surprise will be that because they are so delicious you will have no problem devouring them!

Indigo Grill is one of the Cohn Restaurants set up 25 years ago by David and Lesley Cohn who begun with the Corvette Diner in 1986 before making their very successful foray into the fine dining scene. Cohn Restaurants now operates 12 restaurants in the San Diego area. Indigo Grill’s great location and innovative Chef mean it is a standout of them all.

Need a recommendation from the menu? Try the hickory and apple smoked pork ribs. Vegetarian? No worries, the ‘Good Things Growing’ platter with its five different items will impress and truly satisfy.

The Importance of Expert Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property ManagementWhen it comes to intellectual property management, many companies fall behind simply because they do not consider the process to be important enough.


However, when you own trademarks, copyrights, patents or other varieties of intellectual property, it can be extremely crucial to have a good management plan, particularly when viewed in relation to your company’s financial advantages over your competitors and the prospect of ongoing projects that make use of the trademarks and patents in question.


Why Is Intellectual Property Management so Important?


Intellectual property can be defined as any type of asset that has an informational component. These can include your company’s trademark, patents you use for production and any type of content that you may have filed for copyright.


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One of the most important assets associated with intellectual property management has to do with allowing your company to fully evaluate its portfolio. With the help of a resourceful and knowledgeable IP management service, you can determine exactly how much your trademark is worth, and find out whether or not a specific development project might be worth the investment you put into it.


Moreover, you can determine the potential need for selling or buying intellectual property based on its performance and valuation and find out what you need to do to comply with various IP standards, or identify cases of intellectual property infringement that might negatively affect your business.


Working with a Responsible Intellectual Property Management Company


An IP management company that knows all about the various standards and methods used for the valuation and overall management of intellectual property is the best option you have at establishing your company’s portfolio and making sure any discrepancies having to do with your intellectual property can swiftly be taken care of.


Nevium is a reliable firm that can provide you with expert advice and services involving IP management and valuation, IP monetization and reliable assistance with any types of disputes having to do with defamation and unauthorized use of your copyright and trademark assets.


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